Ernest Sorini, MD, JD

ImageDr. Sorini serves as Chairman of ER-One. With over 30 years of healthcare leadership experience, Dr. Sorini has been guiding the company since 1990 when he founded ER-One.

Dr. Sorini earned his medical degree at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1974. He also holds a master's degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a law degree from the University of Honolulu, School of Law. Dr. Sorini is board certified in emergency medicine. He has devoted his career to raising standards of healthcare, responsible for innovations such as the healthcare sector changing 30 Minute Guarantee.

Throughout his career, he has had numerous teaching and administrative positions serving as Chief of Emergency Services at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital, Regional Medical Director in Traverse City, Michigan, and Clinical Instructor, Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center. Since then, he has served as the Executive Emergency Department Medical Director at Oakwood Health Center, Annapolis Center, Heritage Center and Southshore Medical Center.

Dr. Sorini currently serves as Chairman of Emergency Service at Oakwood Hospital, Inc. In addition, he was appointed by Governor Jennifer Granholm to the Michigan Board of Medicine and Disciplinary Subcommittee of MBOM.